OakNorth Academy

The OakNorth Academy is an ongoing training relationship designed to maximise originators' impact in their home markets

Our mission

The OakNorth Academy trains and equips relationship managers with the skills required to dramatically increase originations and transaction volumes in lower mid-market business lending.

Our online and in-person programme covers how OakNorth can support relationship managers with:

Enchanced insight

Enhanced Insight

With millions of data sets across multiple sectors and geographies, we can provide an informed and bespoke credit view on every deal

Deal Tuning Opportunities

Deal Tuning Opportunities

Allows relationship managers to customise each deal to meet the borrowers’ requirements whilst staying within their risk parameters

Enhanced Deep-Dive Monitoring

Enhanced Deep-Dive Monitoring

Allows relationship managers to proactively manage their portfolio and provides early warning indicators on all their loans on a micro and macro basis. This in turn helps to ensure default and recovery rates are best in class