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Nick Lee, Head of Regulatory Affairs at OakNorth June 1, 2021 16 min read

Former OCC, Federal Reserve and FDIC regulators take a future view

I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on behalf of OakNorth to discuss this topic with ...
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Sean Hunter, CIO at OakNorth May 18, 2021 5 min read

Data and Insights to assess a portfolio before M&A transaction

Global M&A has bounced back strongly in the first quarter of 2021, with Refinitiv ...
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Sean Hunter, CIO at OakNorth April 28, 2021 7 min read

A data-driven approach to profitable growth in commercial lending

Fast movers are already anticipating the bounce-back of the economy: we’ve heard from one ...
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OakNorth April 23, 2021 8 min read

Diversify with confidence and make inroads into commercial and industrial lending

Banks have historically lent to CRE because it’s straight forward to evaluate a property ...
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OakNorth April 19, 2021 8 min read

Getting granular: why banks need to be taking a sub-sector view when it comes to commercial lending

Banks have always relied on risk models to inform their commercial lending decisions. ...
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Sam Sidhu, Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer of Customers Bancorp April 16, 2021 6 min read

Customers Bank partners with OakNorth to compete with larger lenders

Most banks operate in the stone age, hindered by legacy technology and processes. At ...
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OakNorth March 24, 2021 2 min read

Rishi Khosla, on CNBC: Successful lending to the ‘Missing Middle’

Given the events of the last year, supporting the Missing Middle - businesses who have ...
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Daryl Moore, Chief Credit Executive and Senior EVP at Old National Bank March 15, 2021 5 min read

Old National Bank: COVID-19 Challenges & Opportunities

Since its founding in Evansville in 1834, Old National Bank has focused on community ...
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OakNorth June 1, 2020 19 min read

Managing COVID-19 Credit Risk

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents an era-defining challenge to not just the public ...
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Sean Hunter, CIO at OakNorth May 18, 2020 5 min read

If lenders are struggling with PPP, wait until they hit Main Street

The Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) launched on 3rd ...
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