Formed in 2001, Emizon developed the first secure, managed dual path alarm and CCTV communications monitoring service designed for IP networks, and has now installed over 40,000 devices globally.

With offices in the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia, Emizon is focused on creating security solutions for businesses that can be managed on the go. Its IP signalling technology enables users to benefit from improved functionality and flexibility whilst still being cost-effective.

The growth opportunity

The business approached us for debt finance to repay shareholder loans and buyback shares owned by passive shareholders.

Since John Swingewood, Emizon’s executive chairman, first invested in Emizon along with a number of partners back in 2010, the business has continued to grow producing year on year improved profitability. They approached us as they felt they were now in a strong position to look ahead to the future and that OakNorth Bank had the best approach and understanding to support them in restructuring the company.

How OakNorth helped

Our loan of £1.25 million enabled the business to undergo a corporate restructuring and recapitalisation exercise, fund further improvements and developments to Emizon’s existing products, and recruit a dedicated business development function to further explore international opportunities.

The future?

The UK is the 6th largest exporter of security equipment in the world, and despite ongoing uncertainty caused by Brexit, the government expects to double the value of these exports by 2020. With its market-leading technology, innovative approach, and experienced senior management team, Emizon is well positioned to take advantage of growing demand for security tech, and continue to dominate in this sector.

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