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Impacts to your Bank: Climate Change, Covid, and Commercial Credit Risk

Traditional risk models are based on historical data, but in a rapidly-changing world, extrapolating from the past is no longer sufficient. Events such as trade wars, pandemics, natural disasters and climate change are by their very nature situations that are hard to predict or plan for.

In addition, the Presidential Executive Order on Climate-Related Financial Risk set a 120-day deadline for legislators to develop a comprehensive, Government-wide strategy regarding the measurement, assessment, mitigation, and disclosure of climate-related financial risk.

With an ever-changing risk landscape and new regulations coming, how can your bank prepare?

Watch now to learn: 

  • How first and second-line credit teams can be ready for the unprecedented
  • Stay ahead of future challenges from a risk, regulatory, and reputational perspective
  • What we could see from the Executive Order strategy when the 120-day deadline has elapsed


BruceR Bruce Richards Former Head of Supervision, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
SteveM Steve McGlothlin EVP, Chief Credit Officer Corporate & CREOld National Bank
Rishi-circle Rishi Khosla Co-founder and Group CEO, OakNorth
MichaelSisk Michael Sisk Contributing Editor, American Banker