ON Credit Analysis

Automated, actionable credit analysis

OakNorth Credit Analysis provides actionable insights to enable you to make faster, smarter credit decisions. Using machine learning, the product benchmarks borrower performance, and monitors important sector drivers, enabling your institution to make data-driven credit decisions.

Forward-looking 360° financial intelligence

ON Credit Analysis provides a complete view of your borrower with instant financial forecasting, sector insights, and peer analysis. Machine learning enables you to graduate from historical correlations to a forward-look view, enabling you to build deeper and more consultative relationships with borrowers.
  • Real-time borrower projections
  • Compare and benchmark peers
  • Focus and differentiate

Create real-time borrower projections

Analyze hundreds of sector-specific stress scenarios that incorporate assumptions on impacts for key financial metrics, such as revenue, operating costs, working capital and capex. Data update in real time so you can get ahead of potential credit issues and prioritize portfolio actions in the right order.

Compare and benchmark peer companies

Automatically identify and monitor sector drivers that allow your institution to manage industry-driven financial hardship and pre-empt potential credit issues. Benchmarking enables the comparison of financial insights against peer companies within each sector, highlighting key differences between businesses at a granular, sub-sector level.

Free up finite resources and differentiate your institution

By automating a lot of the heavy lifting of credit analysis, your team can focus on providing an exceptional borrower experience instead of repetitive manual work. Now you can provide the same level of service on a $1M loan as you would on a $100M loan, differentiating your institution in a highly-competitive commercial lending landscape.

"OakNorth's automated loan-by-loan review enables us to be a lot nimbler and manage risk a lot better."

Sam Sidhu
Vice Chairman and COO (soon to be CEO) of Customers Bancorp


PI_Icons_Automated Automated financial analysis Create projections and scenarios that analyze key financial metrics, such as revenue, operating costs, working capital and capex.
PI_Icons_283 sector intelligence Analyze borrower sector drivers, revenue sources, sector-specific costs, and market size leveraging 283 proprietary, subsector-specific models.
PI_Icons_Credit_Monitoring proactive credit monitoring Get ahead of borrower financial hardship, industry-driven risk deterioration, and covenant breaches by monitoring loans in real time.
PI_Icons_Benchmarking Benchmarking Analyze peer performance within a specific sector with insights related to geography and unique sector drivers.
PI_Icons_Real_Time_Data Real-time data Aggregate data from federal and state sources, macroeconomic providers, paid sources, and high-frequency alternative data sources to create a 360-degree view of your borrowers.

Faster and better data-driven credit analysis

With ON Credit Analysis, Credit Analysts have the data to recommend more accurate credit decisions, and Relationship Managers are armed with knowledge of a borrower’s sector trends and forecasts to help make their customers more successful.

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