ON Credit Intelligence Suite

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Forward-Looking Credit Analysis & Proactive Portfolio Monitoring

Welcome to Intelligent Credit

ON Credit Intelligence Suite Features

  • ML-powered anomaly detection, peer comparisons, sector insights, and scenarios

  • Deep granularity, with 273 unique scenarios mapped to 500 sub-sectors

  • Instant credit analysis

  • Data-driven real-time sector insights

  • Proactive, continuous credit monitoring

  • Portfolio-wide stress tests at speed, at the individual borrower level

  • Early warning indicators for at-risk loans

  • Seamless integration into existing bank systems

Lender Outcomes

  • 360° view of a borrower’s financial position, including forward-looking view
  • Digitization and centralization of data
  • Confidently tailor loans to a borrower’s future, not past
  • Get ahead of potential defaults
  • Complete transactions in days, not months
  • Credit decisions and path to ‘yes’ are 10x faster than traditional underwriting models
  • RMs closing 5-10x more deals
  • Analyze and approve loans in attractive new markets
  • High return, low risk loans

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Lend Smarter

Lend Smarter

  • Look forward, not just backward, with forecasts underpinned by 273 sub-sector scenarios based on industry specific drivers that provide better credit-level decisions
  • Minimize credit losses and monitor loans with the same rigor that you use to underwrite them
  • Take proactive, preventative action across your portfolio, getting ahead of borrower financial hardship, industry driven risk deterioration, and covenant breaches
  • Conduct institutional grade analysis at speed and scale
  • Add objective third-party view and consistency of analysis with your credit risk committee, board of directors, and regulators with independent challenge to overlays, risk models and better provisioning

Lend Faster

  • Maintain an underwriting view of a loan and your whole loan book on an ongoing basis, rather than just at origination and annual review
  • Achieve industry-leading customer satisfaction by making credit decisions 10x faster than traditional lending models
  • Re-underwrite your whole loan book based on our forward looking scenarios, near-instantaneously
  • Identify opportunities faster, and with less effort
Lend Faster
Lend More

Lend More

  • Free up more capital for lending by risk rating loans and lowering losses
  • Become a trusted partner, not just a banker, with a deeper understanding of a borrower and their industries through sector insights
  • Manage ahead of industry driven financial hardship and preempt potential default events
  • Use the forward look of your current book to make better credit strategy decisions

"OakNorth enabled us to take a granular, bottoms-up approach, with a company-wide view of credit quality and industry exposure. As a result, we identified the most vulnerable businesses and took proactive measures to support them. This automated loan-by-loan review has not only enabled us to be nimbler and manage risk better, but has also meant we can have consultative discussions with our borrowers."

Vice Chairman and COO (soon to be CEO), CUSTOMERS BANCORP

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