Early warning indicators

Stop defaults before they happen through automated monitoring and alerts

Most monitoring systems or processes at banks do not surface borrower insights early enough to mitigate risk or seize opportunity. The ON Credit Intelligence Suite enables a proactive approach to credit monitoring that minimizes losses by helping banks proactively identify and take action on borrower level risks and opportunities before it's too late.
PI_Icons_Automated Continuous Underwriting

Re-underwrite your loan within minutes with a forward-look view.

PI_Icons_Relationships Better client relationships

Enable relationship managers with predictive insights and early warning indicators 

PI_Icons_Monitor_Bench Tailored Monitoring

Our implementation process ensures you will have everything you need to deploy the ON Credit Intelligence Suite

Continuous underwriting

We provide granular sub-sector data , enabling lenders to re-underwrite their loan book, loan-by-loan, based on multiple forward-looking scenarios – all within minutes. We do this by analyzing the lender’s existing borrower data from various bank systems and enriching it with third-party data from thousands of external sources, both traditional and alternative. This allows lenders to undertake forward looking credit analysis and proactively monitor their loan book, delivering superior credit and regulatory outcomes. Our bank customers have described it as going from looking in the rear view mirror to looking through the windshield with a high beam headlight.

Why just review annually?

Maintain an underwriting view of a loan and your whole loan book on an ongoing basis, rather than just at origination and annual review, automatically re-underwriting your entire loan book based on different scenarios. This will enable your Relationship Managers to develop stronger, more consultative relationships with clients by getting ahead of industry driven financial hardship and default events, with early warning indicators driven by leading operating metrics, giving your bank ‘trusted partner’ status amongst borrowers.

Tailored monitoring

Our implementation process includes workshops and training sessions that ensure our customers have all the information they need to ‘own’ how they use and deploy the ON Credit Intelligence Suite. We provide a consistent format to view credit analysis and monitoring across sectors. For example, our software gives you the ability to set your own rules for financial alerts, such as hard or soft covenant triggers. Each alert is fully explained including direct or derived data points and context, so the user can then act based on their own, informed judgement.

"NIBC is leveraging OakNorth to enhance efficiency in the credit monitoring process with richer data, thus enabling us to even better serve our mid-market clients on their decisive moments. This partnership also enables us to strengthen our tech-based approach and better position us for the future."

Paulus de Wilt, CEO
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