OakNorth’s mission is to create a better borrowing experience for the Missing Middle – the growth business who are the backbones of communities and economies globally but who have been in banking’s blind spot for decades. These are the change makers, the job creators, the productivity drivers, and the home builders who struggle to obtain fast, flexible debt finance to grow.


Our Platform provides lenders with the insight and foresight to more holistically and profitably lend to the Missing Middle. It leverages machine learning, decades of credit expertise and massive data sets (including unconventional and previously unavailable data) to model a forward-looking view of a borrower’s financial situation, that’s informed by industry benchmarks, macroeconomic drivers, and scenario analysis specific to that business.

Through 360-degree monitoring of borrowers’ financial and operational data, our Platform provides lenders with early warning indicators in case of deterioration in credit quality, enabling them to have preliminary conversations with borrowers before negative credit issues arise.


  • A better borrowing experience – loans that are customised for the borrower’s individual needs and completed in days or weeks vs months, leading to accelerated revenue and business growth
  • More attractive economics and scaled growth – origination and credit teams who can transact several times more deals per year
  • Insight and foresight without the noise – larger data sets and deeper analysis enable more informed credit decisions, while proactive portfolio monitoring delivers better credit outcomes

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