A Generative Model for Finding Industry-Specific Keywords

Company descriptions provide a wealth of information regarding a company’s business model and can be a very useful source of information for finding company peers. However, due to the nature of natural language, certain equivalent concepts can get expressed in many different ways. This can confound peer suggestions and lead to potentially missed peers. To […]

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The importance of data when it comes to lower mid-market business lending

One of the features of our product is a batch upload functionality, which allows users to batch upload multiple files of various types and contents. Depending on the file type and the content of the file, different pipelines may be triggered of each of the file/content types.

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Going from natural language to structured ElasticSearch queries

OakNorth stores a lot of structured information on companies in an ES index, providing users with an elegant way of searching through a rich database of companies. However, our credit analysts frequently want to filter their searches based on certain field properties (e.g. operating country of a company). 

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