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Make smarter credit decisions

OakNorth Portfolio Insights creates a forward-looking, 360° view of your entire credit portfolio at the granular loan level. Access immediate & actionable intelligence to stress test your loan book, proactively minimize credit losses, and identify opportunities for growth.
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Proactive insights a mile wide and a mile deep

OakNorth aggregates near real-time data from multiple sources to create an unprecedented view of your loan book. By overlaying a suite of proprietary, subsector-specific stress scenarios, OakNorth enables you to quickly understand the overall health of your borrowers. Drill down to the individual loan level to hone in on potential problem areas and take corrective action before they become detrimental to your portfolio.
  • 360° view
  • Stress test loans
  • Take preventative action

Get a 360° view of your credit portfolio

Customizable dashboards provide a granular view of every aspect of your credit portfolio, highlighting near real-time metrics and liquidity forecasts by sector to summarize the health of your environment. Stack rank and group borrowers by vulnerability to prioritize portfolio actions in the right order.

Stress-test at the individual loan level

Run repeated, instantaneous stress tests on your entire portfolio, or individual loans, over weeks or months to monitor changes in your environment and identify vulnerable sectors. Scenarios incorporate assumptions for impacts on key financial metrics such as revenue, operating costs, working capital and CAPEX, and can be dynamically customized to reflect the lender’s credit risk criteria and appetite.

Take preventative action to minimize credit losses

Instantly segment your portfolio and rate loans based on level of vulnerability to proactively address potential credit issues, such as borrower financial hardship, industry-driven risk deterioration, and covenant breaches. After vulnerabilities are identified, instantaneously re-underwrite your entire loan book based on forward-looking scenarios to create better credit outcomes.

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PI_Icons_Machine_Learning Dynamic Portfolio Dashboards Dashboards based on your unique business needs to highlight key metrics such as vulnerability rating, book size over time, maturing loans, and more.
PI_Icons_Point_In_Time Point-in-time analysis Access updated borrower financial analysis in near real time ensuring you always have an up-to-date overview of your portfolio.
PI_Icons_Granular_Level Stack ranked borrower vulnerability Unearth vulnerability at a deeper, more granular level, allowing for “surgical strike” corrective actions.
PI_Icons_Machine Learning Suggested actions Machine-learning and AI algorithms analyze your data and group borrowers by suggested actions such as: priority re-underwrite, exercise caution, additional lending opportunities, and safeguard relationships.
PI_Icons_283 Proprietary domain models Employ 283 proprietary, subsector-specific domain models to structure borrower data intake and maximize portfolio performance.
PI_Icons_Real_Time_Data Real-time data OakNorth aggregates data from federal and state sources, macroeconomic providers, paid sources, and high-frequency alternative data sources to give you a complete 360-degree view of your borrowers.

"OakNorth will enhance our portfolio management capabilities with new market insights, further strengthening our customer engagement and credit quality while helping speed up our underwriting and loan processes."

Jay Sidhu
Executive Chairman, Customers Bancorp

Real-time insights powered by AI and machine learning


OakNorth’s proprietary models take the guesswork out of portfolio management by surfacing relationships between data points across multiple dimensions within a company and sector. The software learns based on borrower activity and sector intelligence and automatically flags events, borrowers, and other items that potentially place your institution at risk of losses. At the same time, ON Portfolio Insights proactively identifies borrower and sector drivers that are indicative of gains, giving you confidence to make fast lending decisions.


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