Drive growth across a broader, more profitable portfolio


Most banks only lend to about a third of SMEs because they are limited to more traditional data sets, such as historical financials, personal experience of a particular sub-sector and, critically, no real-time data to provide forward looking insight. Now, with more and better data, you can find the ‘right path to yes’ expanding the range of businesses you lend to, uncovering new opportunities with your existing clients. You will gain better risk-reward – not because you’re taking on more risk, but because you have a deeper understanding of the businesses worth lending to, driving growth across a broader and more profitable loan portfolio.

PI_Icons_10x LEND UP TO 10X FASTER Rich data sets enable rapid credit decisions
PI_Icons_Foward_Looking_View FORWARD LOOKING VIEW More informed credit decisions
PI_Icons_New_Business OPEN UP NEW BUSINESS Lending based on sector-level analytics

Lend up to 10x faster

Our forward-looking scenarios combine rich external data sets, including macroeconomic indicators, sector-specific drivers and non-traditional data sources with borrower financials and operating metrics, updated automatically as new data is added. This enables you to make rapid credit decisions up to ten times faster than with traditional lending models, helping you win more business, minimize potential losses and deliver industry leading customer delight.

Look forward, not backwards

Our forward-looking analysis, based on industry specific drivers, means more informed credit-level decisions. With this information you can operate a more intelligent credit policy, lending in strong niches and previously out-of- favor sectors. It also means you can and structure more bespoke loans based on where a customer is going opposed to where they have been.

Open up new business

With this level of understanding your Relationship Managers and Analysts will gain the confidence to lend into unfamiliar industries, supported by industry insights and peer comparisons. You can also target the right industries for lending based on sector level analytics, shaping your credit strategy based on a future view of your current book.

"OakNorth’s software should enable our relationship managers and portfolio managers to use their time more efficiently and build deeper and more meaningful relationships with commercial clients, as opposed to focusing their time on manual and laborious financial analysis."

Daryl Moore
Chief Credit Executive and Senior EVP, Old National Bank

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