Customers Bank – the fintech-forward US lender

Founded in 2009, Customers Bank focuses on providing exceptional customer service supported by ’high tech, high touch’ – a strategy that’s enabled it to grow assets from $250 million to $18 billion over the last decade.

As a full-service bank, Customers provides a range of banking and lending services to small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, individuals and families. Its products and services are available across the U.S. wherever permitted by law through mobile-first apps, online portals, and a network of offices and branches.

By embracing technology, Customers Bank has been able to establish itself as one of the most-active lenders in the US, competing with some of the largest and most-established players. This was demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic when Customers Bank rose to the challenge of helping American small business preserve employment by quickly and effectively launching a nationwide SBA Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) lending program in just days. Customers Bank partnered with leading fintechs such as OakNorth to provide over 100,000 loans, making it the sixth most active PPP lender in the US.

Customers Bank is leveraging our Platform to achieve its goals of increasing and expanding commercial client relationships, while driving a lower efficiency ratio and bolstering its already outstanding credit and risk culture.

"The OakNorth Platform is helping to enhance our portfolio management capabilities with new market insights, further strengthening our customer engagement and credit quality while helping to speed up our underwriting and loan processes. The Platform is also helping us improve our portfolio risk management using big data and AI, while providing relationship managers with a deeper understanding of their borrowers and industry verticals."

Jay Sidhu, Chairman and CEO of Customers Bancorp

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