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Work smarter, not harder  

OakNorth Portfolio Monitoring allows your institution to take proactive, preventative action across your portfolio, getting ahead of borrower financial hardship, industry driven risk deterioration, and potential covenant breaches. ON Portfolio Monitoring leverages machine learning to analyze borrower financial data and sector information to provide early warning indicators in case of deterioration in credit quality. This enables institutions to have preliminary conversations with borrowers before negative credit issues arise and provide a higher quality of service.

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Monitor loans with the same rigor that you underwrite them

ON Portfolio Monitoring is a proactive credit monitoring technology that minimizes credit losses by predicting borrower financial hardship, industry driven risk deterioration, and covenant breaches. This allows your institution to maintain a proactive underwriting view of a loan and your whole loan book on an ongoing basis, rather than just at origination and annual review.
  • Minimize risk
  • Detect anomalies
  • Proactive review
  • Preventative action

Offer credit in new sectors with minimal risk

ON Portfolio Monitoring provides relationship managers and analysts with the confidence to lend into unfamiliar industries backed by data-driven sector insights and automated peer comparisons. OakNorth monitors sectors for “early warning signals” across your portfolio and provides proactive alerts about potential risks a sector or a specific borrower may experience.

Automatically detect anomalies in your loan book

ON Portfolio Monitoring monitors millions of data points across hundreds of sectors as well as individual borrowers’ financial data to detect anomalies in your loan book. This allows you to be proactively alerted when a portfolio, transaction, loan, or borrower is at risk of a covenant breach. Use OakNorth’s pre-built, customizable, and intuitive dashboards to monitor borrower portfolios with the ability to drill down to individual loan level or roll it up at an industry or portfolio level.

Simplify borrower check-ins and annual reviews

Rather than waiting to receive financial information on an annual basis, institutions are able to access underwriting insights of the entire portfolio on a continuous basis. Rather than being surprised by potential covenant breaches during the annual review process, OakNorth forecasts borrower risks and trends providing predictive insights before the event occurs. Institutions can make their commercial lending more profitable, as well as providing a more consultative service to borrowers to help them remain successful.

Take preventative action to minimize credit losses

Instantly segment your portfolio and rate loans based on level of vulnerability to proactively identify risks such as borrower financial hardship, industry-driven risk deterioration, and covenant breaches. After vulnerabilities are identified, your institution can re-underwrite your entire loan book based on forward-looking scenarios to minimize credit losses. This also allows relationship managers to dynamically act on vulnerabilities directly with borrowers, as well as identify additional credit opportunities within a portfolio.

"OakNorth is critical for our business. The platform helps us gain clarity on the challenges our clients are facing and what level or support they need, and enables our relationship managers and portfolio managers to use their time more efficiently and build deeper and more meaningful relationships with commercial clients."

Daryl Moore


PI_Icons_Monitor_Bench Proactive monitoring Intuitive dashboard with information on all borrowers, along with ongoing actionable and contextual alerts based on deep and near-instant portfolio analysis on specific credit events (e.g. COVID-19, commodity price shocks).
PI_Icons_Real_Time_Data Real-time data OakNorth aggregates data from millions of data points using federal and state sources, macroeconomic providers, paid sources, and high-frequency alternative data sources to give you a complete 360-degree view of your borrowers.
PI_Icons_Point_In_Time Point-in-time analysis Access updated borrower financial analysis in real-time ensuring your institution always has an up-to-date overview of your portfolio.
PI_Icons_Stack_Ranked Stack ranked borrower vulnerability Uncover granular vulnerabilities in both individual loans, and aggregate data, allowing for dynamic, specific corrective action.
PI_Icons_Real_Time_Data Covenant Monitoring Ongoing monitoring including analysis of borrower’s debt service coverage ratio.
PI_Icons_Machine_Learning Pre-built dashboard Customizable, intuitive, and easy-to-use dashboards.
PI_Icons_283 Proprietary domain models Employ 283 proprietary, subsector-specific domain models to structure borrower data intake and maximize portfolio performance.
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Real-time insights powered by AI and machine learning


The software analyzes each borrower’s data in the context of its geography and sector. We monitor billions of data points to detect anomalies in your loan book and alert you when a portfolio, transaction, loan, or borrower needs attention.

Relationship Managers have all the information they need and more for check-ins or annual reviews with their customers and to continue lending with confidence.

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