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Pandemics, climate change, recessions - Oh my!

How do you manage commercial credit risk in an ever-changing landscape?


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Once we’ve overcome the pandemic, the next crisis regulators will be turning their attention to is climate change, which unlike Covid-19, isn’t something we can develop a vaccine for. Climate change risk will be a key focus area for regulators going forward, so banks need to be thinking about how they’ll address and analyze climate-related risks and opportunities at a portfolio level.

Join us to hear what this means for your bank from three former regulators at the OCC, Federal Reserve, and FDIC as they shed light on the critical credit challenges that banks will face with regards to climate change risk in the future.

  • What are regulators’ expectations with regards to how banks should be mitigating climate change risk?
  • Is there enough data available for banks to create effective risk models?
  • In the future, could regulators disincentivize lenders from providing capital to businesses where the climate change challenges are more material?
  • The short-term nature of most commercial lending makes it tough to tell what that risk could look like in 10 years’ time, so what can lenders be doing now?


BruceR Bruce Richards Former Head of Supervision for Complex Financial Institutions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
MarkL Mark Levonian Former Senior Deputy Comptroller for Economics at the OCC
JerN Jeremiah Norton Former FDIC Board Member