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Forward-looking credit analysis & proactive portfolio monitoring

The ON Credit Intelligence Suite delivers intuitive and simple user experiences, each designed with the needs of critical users in mind – Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Underwriters, Portfolio Managers and Credit Executives. We put the power of credit intelligence into users’ hands when they need it most.



The Credit Intelligence Suite offers standardization of credit applications, meaning fewer iterations of cases for you to work through. You're enabled with a forward-looking view to assist in determining creditworthiness and the ability to prioritize attractive sectors or regions for new loan origination. With our Platform, you can flip the role of portfolio management from backward-looking annual reviews, to proactive monitoring of your loan book.

Risk & regulatory

Run granular stress scenarios on a loan-by-loan basis. It can help you rebalance origination based on risk/reward metrics and drive consistent, data rich inputs into existing risk models.

Relationship managers

Bring credit insight about borrowers back to the front line, so that you develop a deeper understanding of potential borrowers, their industries and their sub-sectors. Spend less time on credit applications and more time finding the ‘path to yes’ with borrowers and structuring a facility for their unique needs.

On average, Relationship Managers deploying the OakNorth Credit Intelligence Suite conduct 8x more transactions per year and experience an increase in cross-sell and up-sell opportunities per borrower within the first six months.

By proactively monitoring borrowers’ financial and operational data, you can see early warning indicators in case of deterioration in credit quality, enabling you to have preliminary conversations well before negative credit issues arise.


Banks that leverage the OakNorth Credit Intelligence Suite are typically able to complete transactions in weeks rather than months, enabling your borrowers to get the funds they need to capitalize on the opportunities in a fast-paced world. As a result, banks can structure facilities that are much more bespoke and tailored to your borrowers' unique business needs. No off-the-shelf solutions or computer-says-no decisions.

customer Testimonial

"The OakNorth platform will enhance our portfolio management capabilities with new market insights, further strengthening our customer engagement and credit quality while helping to speed up our underwriting and loan processes."