Thought Leadership

Managing COVID-19 Credit Risk

A sectoral and data-driven approach for greater insight into an uncertain future

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents an era-defining challenge to not just the public health sector but to the resilience of the entire global economy. OakNorth has developed a data-backed quantitative framework to help lenders navigate this crisis. The framework applies sector-specific COVID-19 scenarios on a lender’s loan book, borrower by borrower, to get a granular view into their portfolio, providing actionable insights at the individual borrower level.

To read more about OakNorth's proprietary COVID Vulnerability Rating Framework and how it is helping lenders through this crisis, download our whitepaper.

OakNorth: Machine Learning Driven Business Lending

Celent case study of OakNorth's success leveraging its unique credit and monitoring Platform

Celent’s 2017 Model Bank Winner for Banking in the Cloud, OakNorth Bank, secured the third new UK banking license in the past 150 years in March 2015 and began trading six months later. Through leveraging the Platform, OakNorth Bank in the UK has been able to lend over $5.4 billion without a single credit loss, reaching cash flow break-even in just 9 months.

OakNorth’s Platform helps its partner banks: 1) Bring credit insight back to the front line, 2) boost productivity amongst relationship managers and credit analysts, and 3) perform more robust credit analysis and continuous monitoring.

To learn more about OakNorth, download the case study.