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Discover how to transform the performance and management of your entire loan book - to lend smarter, lend faster, and lend more

Regulatory Outlook

Get a new perspective on risk and regulation to discover the commercial credit challenges that banks face post pandemic.

Change your perspective
Lend Smarter

Lend Smarter

  • Early warning indicators flag potential credit issues enabling a faster response and better credit outcomes.
  • Automate manual touchpoints in the annual review process to improve efficiency and free up team time to originate more loans.
  • Identify potential defaults and covenant breaches faster and earlier to minimize defaults and credit losses.  
  • Identify vulnerable borrowers that require a detailed review and reduce team time spent on performing borrowers.
  • Assess the difference between businesses at a granular level (where significant variations exist) to better understand risk and create tailored credit policies.

Lend Faster

  • Automate aspects of the review process to conduct ongoing reviews vs point in time (e.g. annual reviews) – saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Monitor loans with the same rigor as you underwrite them.
  • Incorporate scenario analysis, historical trends, and peer performance into monitoring and reviews.
  • 274 industry forecast models and L5 NAICS code analysis.
  • Scenario analysis can enhance existing decision-making processes, or act as a strong independent challenge and model validation. 
Lend Faster
Lend More

Lend More

  • Relevant sector insights when you need them to support client engagement and credit decisions.
  • Relationship managers have genuine relationships with customers by managing ahead of industry-driven financial hardship and potential default events.
  • Lower losses mean more capital available for lending
  • Granular, bottom-up, forward-looking insight enables an independent framework to assist with qualitative overlays to risk rate loans and free up capital.
  • Continuous monitoring, with early warning indicators driven by leading operating metrics results in a ‘trusted partner’ status.