Business Savings Products Terms and Conditions

It is important that the Business has read and understands these terms and conditions (the Terms and Conditions). The Terms and Conditions, the online application, The OakNorth Data Privacy Terms and Conditions and our Tariff of Charges (detailing our fees and charges), together form the Agreement between the Business and us, OakNorth Bank Limited (OakNorth). Altogether, they set out the features of OakNorth’s Business Savings Products, they explain how these products work and what our responsibilities and those of the Business are once the Business opens an Account with us.

“Account” means the OakNorth deposit account for the Business.

"Business" means the legal entity identified in the online application.

"We", "us", "our" and "OakNorth" means OakNorth Bank Limited, 6th Floor, Nightingale House, 65 Curzon Street, London W1J 8PE.

Where there is reference in the Terms and Conditions to a business day, it means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday in England and Wales.

The Business may ask us at any time while it has an Account with us to provide the Business with the information contained in these Terms and Conditions.

OakNorth is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register No. 629564). Registered in England No. 8595042.

  1. Account

    1. OakNorth Business Savings Products are only available to UK incorporated Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships that:

      1. have been registered in the UK for at least 2 years; and

      2. are registered with HMRC to pay tax in the UK; and

      3. are not engaged in any of the following activities: oil or gas production; leather tanning; manufacturing, dressing or dyeing of fur; armaments; defence activities; wholesale or recovery of waste or scrap; banking or credit; trade finance; insurance or pensions activities; gambling or betting activities.

    2. The business entity stated on the online application is the Business and deemed to be the account holder and is liable to OakNorth under these Terms and Conditions.

    3. The Account must only be used for funds belonging to the Business and the funds must be unencumbered. The Account must not be used to deposit personal funds of any individual connected with the Business or funds belonging to the customers of the Business. If we reasonably believe the Account to hold such funds, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to close the Account with immediate effect.

    4. We will require information on key individuals including directors and shareholders (in the case of limited companies), members (in the case of limited liability partnerships) and other users connected with the Account. All directors and significant shareholders (in the case of limited companies), members (in the case of limited liability partnerships) and other users connected with the account must be over 18 years of age, UK residents and liable to pay tax in the UK. Significant shareholders are defined as beneficial owners with shareholding equal to or greater than 25% of the Business (in the case of limited companies).

    5. The Business is required to notify us promptly if there are any changes to the directors or shareholders (in the case of limited companies) or members (in the case of limited liability partnerships) of the Business or if there is any change in their tax residency status. In addition, the Business will be required to provide us, promptly, with other information that we may require from time to time, including identification requirements that the Business is required to keep us up to date with at all times.

    6. We are obliged to confirm the true identity of all users connected with the Account and reserve the right to decline an application to open an Account or accept any deposit.

    7. The currency of the Account will be sterling and the deposit(s) can only be funded by way of cheque or electronic bank transfer.

    8. The minimum deposit required to open the Account is £10,000.

    9. The maximum deposit into a single Account with us is £1,000,000.

    10. The Business may not overdraw or borrow on the Account.

    11. The maximum amount that the Business will be allowed to hold in deposits with us across multiple accounts is £1,000,000.

    12. There will be a period of 14 days to fund the Account from the date of our approval of the application from the Business. If the Account is not funded within this timescale, it will be closed.

    13. Details of our current interest rates are available online and the rates fluctuate from time to time. The deposit Account statement will provide more details of the Account, or contact us for further details.

    14. We can close the Account if (1) the minimum deposit required under section 1.8 is not paid into the Account or (2) any terms of the application are subsequently found to be incorrect or (3) any other serious circumstances arise (such as the Business being the subject of fraud investigation or where the Business seriously or repeatedly breaches the Terms and Conditions) which justify us closing the Account without notice.

  2. Deposits into the Account

    1. We only accept cheques and funds transferred from a UK bank account in the name of the Business.

    2. Deposits funded by online transfers will be credited to the Account on the same business day if received on or before 12.30pm. Deposits received after 12.30pm will normally be credited on the following business day. Deposits funded by cheque will normally be credited to the Account, not more than 2 working days after the working day we receive the cheque.

  3. Unauthorised or incorrectly executed payments

    1. If a payment is fraudulently or mistakenly paid into the Account, the amount of the payment to us may subsequently be removed from the Account at our sole discretion.

    2. Under the Payments Services Directive, if an unauthorised withdrawal is made from the Account, the Business is entitled to a refund provided the Business notifies us without undue delay on becoming aware of the withdrawal. Undue delay in this regard would be considered to be having failed to notify us within 30 days after receipt of a statement of account showing the relevant debit entry. Failure to notify us within 13 months of the debit will always amount to undue delay.

    3. If you fail to contact us as requested under section 3.2 or if you act fraudulently in relation to the Account, the Business will be liable for all losses. If the Business acts without reasonable care and losses are caused, the Business may also be liable for them.

  4. Security

    1. The Business must take all reasonable security precautions to prevent misuse of the Account and any security details (including account details, security codes or secure personal information) which allow the Business or any users connected with the Account to gain access to the Account. Failure to take reasonable security precautions may result in access to the Account, or additional services, being blocked and the Business being liable for any and all losses in accordance with section 3.3. Reasonable security precautions can include not disclosing any security details except when confirming, registering or resetting the security details for the Business with us; never disclosing or writing down the security details in any way that can be understood by someone else; not choosing security details which may be easy to guess; and ensuring the security details for the Account are kept private at all times.

    2. The Business must also tell us as soon as possible of a change of name, address or other contact details of the Business and users connected with the Account, so that any correspondence does not get into the wrong hands.

    3. If the security details for the Business are lost or stolen or any user connected with the Account thinks someone knows them or has used or tried to use them, the Business or the user must contact us immediately by calling us on 0330 380 1181.

    4. We would ask the Business to co-operate with us by providing information or other assistance in connection with the loss or misuse of the security details. We may also give the police information about the Business, the Account or any users connected with the Account which we consider relevant to assist with any investigation of criminal activity. In some instances, we may ask the Business to contact the police in connection with suspicious or criminal activity on the Account.

  5. Liability

    1. If the security details of the Business (including personal data of any user connected with the Account) are used with permission by someone else or as a result of the Business (or any user connected with the Account) acting fraudulently or without reasonable security precautions (see section 4), or if the Business (or any user connected with the Account) has deliberately or with gross negligence failed to inform us of the loss, theft, misuse or suspected misuse of any of the security details of the Business (including personal data of any user connected with the Account), the Business may be liable for all losses.

    2. Subject to section 5.1 the Business will not be responsible for any losses for abuse of the security details for the Business (including personal data of any user connected with the Account) after we have been informed in the manner set out in section 4 of their loss, theft, misuse or suspected misuse.

    3. If the Business has any reason to think we have made an error we must be told as soon as possible. If we make an error in administering the Account, we will tell the Business and put it right, restoring the Account to the state it would have been in had the error not taken place. In resolving any error, the Business agrees that we may make the necessary correcting entry(ies) to the Account without having to seek prior approval of the Business.

  6. Statements and charges

    1. A statement will be issued to the Business annually.

    2. Please ensure that the statement is checked and tell us as soon as possible if there is any discrepancy. We will investigate and confirm the action we will take to correct it or whether we need further information from the Business to investigate.

    3. We can make available to the Business any further information which we hold in relation to any transaction on the Account and this can be requested by contacting us.

    4. Our current Tariff of Charges is available online and a copy may be requested at any time. The Business may also incur charges for non-standard services provided on the Account. We may change our Tariff of Charges in a proportionate manner in order to reflect changes in reasonable overheads and costs.

    5. We will give the Business at least 30 days notice prior to increasing the charges contained within the Tariff of Charges. By the end of the 30 days notice period, the Business will be deemed to have accepted the changes. However, if the Business does not agree to such a change it can, at any time during the 30 days notice period, contact us to discuss the options with us.

  7. Responsibilities of the Business

    1. The Business must notify us immediately of any changes relevant to this Agreement, including (but not limited to): the name of the Business, address, email address, telephone number, tax residency status, business activities and changes in the details of any of the directors or shareholders (in the case of limited companies), members (in the case of limited liability partnerships) or other users connected with the Account. In certain cases, we may require additional documentary evidence.

    2. If we are asked to accept instructions by email (and signed attachment in whatever format) or telephone or in writing, then in consideration of us agreeing to accept instructions in this way the Business agrees to indemnify us from and against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands which may be brought against us and all losses, costs, charges, damages and expenses which we may incur or for which we may become liable by reason of us having acted on any such instruction from the Business or a user connected with the Account (notwithstanding that any such instruction may not have been duly authorised by the Business). The Business will also indemnify us on a full indemnity basis for legal fees and all other collection costs and expenses incurred in the enforcement of this indemnity.

  8. Set Off

    1. We may at any time set off any matured obligation due from the Business to us against any obligation owed by us to the Business, including sums standing to the credit of any account of the Business.

  9. Changes to our service or these conditions

    1. We may make changes to the services or conditions for the following reasons which will apply to the Account automatically:

      1. To make these conditions easier to understand or fairer to the Business.

      2. To correct mistakes, ambiguities, inaccuracies or omissions where it is reasonable to do so or as a result of customer feedback.

      3. To make improvements to the services we provide which are of benefit to the Business.

      4. To reflect changes in security design or technology at no increased cost to the Business.

      5. To respond to changes in the law, codes of practice, industry-wide practices, court or ombudsman decisions or new regulatory requirements or practice.

      6. To take account of any change in our ownership or to reflect a reorganisation of our business as a result of it being acquired or merging with another bank or organisation to make sure that our customers and the customers of the other organisation are treated in a similar way if they have a similar product.

      7. If we reasonably believe the change is necessary in the interests of our customers and us.

      8. In all such cases we shall promptly notify the Business of such changes.

  10. Fraud prevention agencies

    1. If false or inaccurate information is provided or fraud is identified or suspected, details may be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.

    2. We and other organisations may also access and use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering, for example when checking deposit applications.

    3. We may access and use information recorded by fraud prevention agencies from other countries.

    4. If you would like contact details for the credit reference and fraud prevention agencies we use, please contact us.

  11. Email

    1. If the Business (or any users connected with the Account) emails us, or gives us an email address, we will keep a record of it and the Business (and users connected with the Account) agree to communications being sent to it at that address. We will not give any email address relating to the Business or any users connected with the Account to any unauthorised third parties.

    2. However, if the Business (or any users connected with the Account) sends us an email, please remember that it will be unsecure and could be intercepted. Accordingly, please keep the amount of confidential information you include to a minimum. We will do likewise when we reply.

  12. Information and monitoring

    1. We may monitor or record calls, emails, text messages or other communications in accordance with applicable laws. Such recording or monitoring may take place for business purposes such as quality control and training, prevention of unauthorised use of our telecommunication systems and website, ensuring effective systems operation, prevention or detection of crime, and protection of confidential information relating to the Business (including personal data of any user connected with the Account).

  13. Other issues

    1. It is our aim to ensure a complete service at all times, but we will not be responsible when failure is caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control.

    2. OakNorth is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which would pay compensation of up to £85,000 to eligible depositors in the event of us becoming insolvent. See the FSCS eligibility criteria to find out whether the Business is covered by the FSCS in such an event.

    3. We may transfer our rights and/or responsibilities under this Agreement to any person if:

      1. We reasonably believe such person is capable of performing our responsibilities; and

      2. That other person is authorised to accept deposits and writes to the Business and undertakes to carry out all our duties and obligations under this Agreement. If it does so, the Business agrees that we will be released from all those duties and obligations.

    4. The Business may not transfer any of its rights or responsibilities under this Agreement to any person.

    5. This Agreement with the Business (comprising these Terms and Conditions, the OakNorth Data Privacy Terms and Conditions, the Tariff of Charges and the online application) is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

    6. If we believe that the Business has tax obligations in other countries, we may disclose information about the Business directly to those tax authorities or to HM Revenue & Customs, which may share the information with the other tax authorities.

    7. Please further note that OakNorth holds monies as banker and not as a trustee under the client money rules, and consequently operates under the exemption given to banks in the rules set out in the Financial Conduct Authority’s Client Assets Sourcebook. In the unlikely event that OakNorth fails, the client money distribution rules will not apply to these sums and the Business will not be entitled to share in any distribution under the client money distribution rules. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that OakNorth fails, eligible deposits are still covered under the FSCS scheme as per section 13.2.

  14. Contacting us

    1. We can be contacted by email, by phone or in writing. Please refer to our website for our contact details.

  15. Complaints

    1. Please visit for details of our complaints procedure. If the Business (or any user connected with the Account) would like to contact us to discuss a complaint, please call, email or write to our Customer Services Team through contact details provided on our website.

    2. If for some reason we have not been able to resolve the complaint within eight weeks, or the Business is not satisfied with the resolution, the complaint can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If the Business receives a final response letter from us and it wants to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, this will need to be done within six months of receiving our final response letter.

    3. The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent organisation. They look to address any complaints that customers and financial businesses have not been able to resolve between themselves. To find out more about the service, visit

    4. The Financial Ombudsman Service can be contacted by writing to:
      The Financial Ombudsman Service
      South Quay Plaza
      183 Marsh Wall
      E14 9SR
      Alternatively, they can be phoned on 0800 023 4567.

  16. How we use information about the Business

    1. Please refer to the OakNorth Data Privacy Terms and Conditions on our website. This includes conditions relating to personal information relating to users connected with the Account.The Data Privacy Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions and form a part of the overall Terms and Conditions for our deposit products.

Business Savings Products – Specific Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions which apply to Fixed Term Deposit Products

  1. Account

    1. We will only accept one deposit from the Business in relation to a single account, although the Business may hold more than one account at a time (subject to section 1.11 relating to the maximum aggregate balance that the Business may deposit with us).

    2. The Account is for a fixed period of time commencing on the day the Account is funded and is confirmed by us by e-mail to the e-mail address nominated by the Business. The email will include the account number, amount invested, interest rate applied and the maturity date.

    3. The Business cannot close or make withdrawals during the term of the Account.

    4. In the event a cheque is not cleared when funding the Account, the Account will be deactivated and we may ask for an alternate means of payment.

  2. Maturity

    1. 30 days before the Account reaches maturity, we will write confirming the date the Account will mature and what options are available to the Business.

    2. The Business may then ask us by telephone, email or in writing to:

      1. Transfer the full amount of the Account balance (principal and interest) back to the nominated UK bank account from which the funds were sent by the Business when the Account was opened.

      2. Reinvest part or the entire principal and interest accrued into another available deposit product with us, subject to the limits set out in sections 1.9 and 1.11. Any remaining balance will be transferred to the nominated UK bank account.

    3. If we do not receive instructions from the Business before your Account maturity date, the total amount including interest will be automatically transferred to a variable rate Easy Access deposit account with us and we will email the Business the new account details on the day of account opening. If we do not offer an Easy Access business deposit product on the Account maturity date, or an Easy Access business deposit product will not be available for a minimum of 3 months thereafter, we will transfer the full amount of the Account balance (principal and interest) back to the nominated UK bank account from which the funds were sent by the Business when the Account was opened.

    4. The Account will mature on a business day. If the maturity date falls on a non-business day (weekends and bank holidays) then the date of maturity will be moved forward to the next business day and interest will continue to accrue for the additional day or days.

  3. Interest rates

    1. Interest rates will be accrued at a fixed rate set by us when the Account is approved. We will pay credit interest without deduction of tax. The Business is responsible for paying any tax which may be due.

    2. We will calculate interest at the fixed rate stated in the account opening confirmation email on the minimum daily balance in the Account. Interest will be calculated from the day we receive cleared funds into the Account.

    3. We will pay interest to the Account on maturity.

    4. A statement will be provided on maturity.

  4. Closing the Account

    1. This Agreement has a fixed term depending on the selected product. The Business cannot close the Account from the day the Account is funded until the end of the fixed term.

    2. We shall be entitled (but not obliged) to return the deposit to you if you cease to be a UK-based business or if any of the directors or significant shareholders (in the case of limited companies) or members (in the case of limited liability partnerships) cease to be UK tax residents but remain directors or shareholders (in the case of limited companies) or members (in the case of limited liability partnerships)in the Business or if there is a breach of any term set out in these Terms and Conditions. We will revoke access to the Account for other users connected with the Account that are not directors or significant shareholders (in the case of limited companies) or members (in the case of limited liability partnerships), when they cease to be a UK tax resident.

    3. If we do agree to cancel the Agreement prior to the date of maturity, we will transfer the principal and interest accrued up to the day of closure to the nominated UK bank account.