What you'll get from working here

At OakNorth, you’ll work directly with our founders and teams across three continents to make a significant impact on the business.

Think side-by-side impact – no silos, no bureaucracy, rapid deployment, and the chance to redefine lending to small and medium-sized businesses globally.

To achieve our mission, we are building technology that has never been built before and we’re doing it with what we believe is one of the best engineering and product teams in the world.

A great place to work

We have built a place where people love to work.

As a founder-led organisation, giving our team the opportunity to become owners in the business is incredibly important to us. Half of our employees have taken the opportunity to become shareholders, investing their own money in the business, and in doing so, helping to build for the long term. This long-term thinking is vital to our mission – Rishi and Joel have given themselves 20 years to build this business. It’s having this right ambition, where decisions are made for the long term that has been key to OakNorth’s success so far.

We offer a range of benefits and organise several events throughout the year to encourage team members to get to know one another outside of office hours.

Who we're looking for

Who we're looking for

We’re always interested in speaking to curious, open-minded, ambitious and intellectually-motivated people who are excited about the opportunity to make a real difference to small and medium-sized business lending globally.

We expect every team member to constantly be learning, zero-basing (constantly asking if we were to build it from scratch today, how would we do it?), taking ownership, and executing with entrepreneurial acumen.

What sets us apart

What's rarer than a unicorn?
A profitable unicorn.

What makes us even more unique is the fact that we are a profitable business, and we’ve achieved this after only a few years in operation. Profits keep our employees focused on growing the business and ensures our partners know that we will thrive as a business across global economic and business cycles.