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Specialists in structured lending solutions to growth businesses.


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Speed of decision is often the most important issue for business owners - our credit process is designed to be quick and decisive.

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Entrepreneurs and business owners want access to decision makers - we invite borrowers to our credit committees.

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Every borrower is different, every deal is different - every solution we offer is custom-built.


Business Loans

Our loans are developed with entrepreneurial business owners in mind – no off-the-shelf solutions, no computer-says-no decisions. We provide bespoke structured loans ranging from £500k to £30 million.

Property Finance

Undertaking a new development? Refurbishment? Medium-term property finance? We ensure developments get the financing they need, when they need it. We will also look at medium-term property investment funding.


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Deposit Accounts

We offer a range of savings accounts with competitive rates designed to ensure you make the most of your money