The bank for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

Specialists in structured lending solutions to growth businesses.

We do things differently

  • Speed of decision is often the most important issue for business owners – our credit process is designed to be quick and decisive.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners want access to decision makers – we invite borrowers to our credit committees.
  • Every borrower is different, every deal is different – every solution we offer is custom-built.

Business Loans

Investing for growth? Working capital? Acquisition? Buy-out? We offer revolving and amortising cash-flow lending on either a standalone or integrated basis. Our flexible solutions are designed to cover the debt requirements of your business and range between £1 million and £15 million. We are a relationship-based and dynamic team, focused on making deals happen.

Property Finance

Undertaking a new development? Refurbishment? Medium-term property finance? We ensure developments get the financing they need, when they need it. We will also look at medium-term property investment funding.


Great rates and a straightforward application process – shouldn't all savings accounts work this way?

Every penny saved with OakNorth is a penny earned for the UK's growth businesses. By saving with us, not only will you earn great returns on your deposits, you will also help UK businesses achieve their ambitions.

Our people

Discover more about the people who make OakNorth possible If you’d like to join our team, see our careers section to find out how you can get involved!