Credit Intelligence for
transforming commercial lending.

Delivering instant credit analysis & real-time portfolio insights as dynamic as the market itself

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How it works

Supercharge your credit and risk process

Delight your clients, improve your underwriting speed and better manage your risk 
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Our customers

"The OakNorth Credit Intelligence Suite will enhance our portfolio management capabilities with new market insights, further strengthening our customer engagement and credit quality while helping to speed up our underwriting and loan processes"
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Jay Sidhu
Chairman and CEO of Customers Bancorp

"Through this investment and the upcoming business alliance with OakNorth, SMBC strives to create new added value by bringing a high level of sophistication to its corporate lending Platforms."
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"The draw for PNC is twofold: OakNorth’s software automates lending to medium-sized businesses (a process that has been manual at many banks for years), and baked into the software is an ability to analyze and monitor each loan based on how it’s likely to be affected by the coronavirus."
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JUNE '20

"Working closely with our partners at OakNorth, we were able to move quickly to put in place the solution in alignment with our institutional mission: to deliver superior products and services that empower our clients to achieve their individual financial goals – for their businesses, for their family, and for themselves."
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Bippy Siegal

NIBC is leveraging the OakNorth Platform to enhance efficiency in the credit monitoring process with richer data, thus enabling us to even better serve our mid-market clients on their decisive moments. This partnership also enables us to strengthen our tech-based approach and better position us for the future.
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Paulus de Wilt
CEO of NIBC Bank

"We are excited to work with OakNorth, our trusted partner in setting up this new Platform. Through deploying OakNorth’s Platform we hope to achieve a similar positive impact that OakNorth Bank has had in the UK."
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"We built OakNorth to provide a better borrowing experience – borrowing the way it should be. In four years, we have been able to leverage OakNorth’s Platform to build one of the most successful new banks globally, and in doing so, help hundreds of UK businesses who have in turn created thousands of new homes and jobs."
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